Arkansas Flooded Timber Duck Hunting – Fowled Reality

Arkansas Flooded Timber Duck Hunting – Fowled Reality


One of the most iconic settings in duck hunting is the flooded timber of Arkansas. While it’s beautiful to watch a flock of a few hundred mallards spin down into a field spread, there’s something special about watching a group of mallards through the trees and seeing them fall out of the sky into a flooded timber hole.

Watch this duck hunting video featuring a couple hunts from late January 2018 from the famed flooded “Timber” of Arkansas.

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  1. do u guys do any guiding hunts or do u no of any 1

  2. chase armstrong

    Slow motion and music from the matrix film..wth is wrong with guys just make a simple video showing the great outdoors

  3. Awesome!

  4. Matthew Sumter

    How much is it to take dog to brook stone kennels

  5. What setup do y’all use to film yalls hunts?

  6. That dog sure got a workout in

  7. Tony Hanting Tony best Hunter video best ciao

  8. Intro was well done. Badass

  9. It’s great here in Stuttgart!

  10. Great looking hunt!

  11. Connor Ramsdell

    Awesome video. What barrel length do you guys have on those berettas? 26? 28?

  12. Hilltop Hunting Club

    What filming setup do the fowled reality guys use?

  13. Jennings Ipock gorgeous!!!!!!!

  14. Flooded timber hunt in on my bucket list. Great vid!

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