Bow Hunting Kentucky Whitetails | Land Management Tips for Hunters (#408)

Bow Hunting Kentucky Whitetails | Land Management Tips for Hunters (#408)


Kicking deer season off with bow hunting in Kentucky with! First, Grant offers some tips for bow hunters including: “shoot for the bottom third.”(00:01 – 3:19) Then the team goes to Kentucky where arrows fly and venison hits the freezer!(3:20 – 13:59) Grant takes a break from hunting to speak to a local FFA chapter about soil health, agricultural practices and forestry. (14:00 – 18:49) Next, a trip to Nashville, TN to help a landowner and his daughter develop their hunting property. (13:50 – 25:51) Hunting and food plot products shown in this video:
Morrell Targets,
Scent Crusher,
Code Blue Face Paint,
iScope, the smartphone scope adapter,
Nikon Hunting Optics & Range Finders,
Fourth Arrow Camera Arms,
Redneck blinds,
DEADMEAT Broadhead from G5,
Eagle Seed Fall Blends & Clover,
Yamaha Outdoors,


  1. Shoot the dog

  2. What release does grant use

  3. I do enjoy your videosKeep them coming!

  4. I hear you talking about the Aiming for lower 1/3 of the Vitals. and how quickly the deers react to the sound of the shot..  Isnt that also in reaction to how you call at it. Example if the deer stops on its own and gives you a shot. you wouldn't have to adjust as much cause the deer isn't on alert or posturing up..  but when you call to the deer.. like say Blaah to get him to stop. he is now on full alert and will jump and the sound of anything. making the deer most likely to lower and you would have to adjust the shot. I don't have much experience in the field. so ive been watching these videos. but when you call to the deer is it possible that they will posture differently from when walking naturally and stopping. so when you call to them. they posture differently and allow them to jump or move faster when on alert? example of how he stops and his shoulders are forward more or backwards more when cause you called to it.  Vs. how he would if he came out to the edge of a field to stop and look around and you taking the shot without calling at him so hes not fully on alert and likely to jump as quick to adjust your shot to the lower 1/3..  so the probability of you having to adjust for that would be higher. just wondering

  5. I thought the dog was a bobcat

  6. Got 2 big dogs on one of our cameras and still killed a good buck

  7. Pure One Outdoors

    Had 2 dogs ruin my set up this past saturday evening. I was beyond livid but thats hunting. Good luck this season guys!

  8. Say hi to Tyler for me please, tell him it's Layton and Connor

  9. Do you try to shoot dry does. Or just what ever walks with in range.

  10. nevermind shortly after asking that the segment appeared on YouTube thanks guys

  11. Where's the new video

  12. are any of those hunts going to be put into an episode or segment?

  13. wow that's awesome guys we are looking forward to bow season it starts next weekend here in Vermont I'll b sure to let u know how we do and if we get footage may be putting it on social media I will keep u and Grant up to date hope ur early luck continues

  14. Hi Grant , that was a nice video. I am leting you know that mu mom have cancer. We need a big prayer for my mom of 81 years old. She have the slow kind of cancer in her right lung. God Bless you and your family. Take Care and stay safe.

  15. why you dont use Apple tree?… thats free food every year?

  16. good morning to all at growing deer tv thanks for being such check an informal and helpful show my son myself and many of our friends enjoy watching the new segments to see what we will learn or how we can keep improving our "proving grounds" for deer turkey and other wildlife in general just hats off to you guys as well as thanks so much

  17. Hey guys I love the video! I have a quick question about management. I manage 40 acres in northern Minnesota and have four different low impact entrance stands. But it seems like the areas that I clear out to access the stands attract deer for bedding. Is it sensible to destroy bedding in inconvenient areas? Thank you.

  18. Out Fishing Your Bass

    What happens when they jump the arrow?! My Mathews Reezen 6.5 is a speed bow and is really quiet. Along with my Z7 Extreme. I aim dead on and with muzzy or schwacker they bleed like a mother!

  19. Grant I came across your channel about a year or so ago and have combed through many of your videos. I'd love to get you up here in Ohio to see what I could do to manage the land I hunt better. I really appreciate all the information that you and your team share. Keep up the great work guys!

  20. the excitement keeps on building in our deer Haven here in VT we had another nice 8 point we have never seen before on our cameras he's only 2 maybe 3 but he's a healthy looking buck with potential so if he sticks around he will make an awesome mature deer in a couple years we are so eager to hunt it's unreal lol

  21. What kind of bow do you use

  22. hey guys at growing deer team have you had a chance to hunt again soon nice that first doe hunt hopefully the neighbor keeps their dogs on their property

  23. Just a PSA for all viewers, I'm sure Grant explained the risks of Imazapyr to the landowner in the video.

    Imazapyr is a persistent, pre and post emergent herbicide that is absorbed through foliage AND root systems. Caution should be used as it has a high risk of travel through soil, water, and even through connected root systems. It will stay in the soil and kill most species, including your food plots. The average SOIL half life of Imazapyr is 25-140 days. Read the label carefully and use caution when applying near any water source.

    For more information use this link or just google it.

  24. Grant, what did you take in college?

  25. You guys are awesome! Keep them coming! God bless you and safe hunting!

  26. Hey guys. Is there anyway I can send you a pic of a property I hunt and I trace the property line and you tell me the best spot to put my stand?

  27. The doe ducked your arrow because your broadhead was loose and making noise. You can hear it rattling when you draw your bow back (9:05)  and it buzzes all the way through the air (9:12) on the shot. That's why so many people are calling your bow loud, not the bow.. it' s the broadhead. Whatever is used to retain the blades may have been loose. I have seen this happen in the past with my own setups and switched to broadheads that do not produce that issue. Your shot placement was obviously right on. Problem solved.

  28. Andrew Morris Outdoors Hey you may want to check this guys channel looks like he's uploading a lot of yalls videos.

  29. 75 does ?! Wow !

  30. I'm not a sound engineer but your bow is loud, I had the same problem and I added some silencers to my setup.

  31. Mckinzie Fishing and Hunting

    My educated Guess : The Doe Ducked from the sound of your arrow fletchings flying as the arrow approached. I've heard sound travels at roughly 1125fps which is waay faster then that arrow(although thats a short distance). I know the fletchings make a whisping sound as they cut through the air ,plus that excellent peripheral vision of the deer.

  32. Temperature is a condition that affects the speed of sound. Heat, like sound, is a form of kinetic energy. Molecules at higher temperatures have more energy, thus they can vibrate faster. Since the molecules vibrate faster, sound waves can travel more quickly.

  33. Those interns have a pretty sweet deal

  34. Yee Yee Outdoors

    Will killing a doe with a fawn that still has spots effect that fawn?

  35. The best videos on you tube! Too notch in all aspects. Thank you growing deer!

  36. I totally understand the frustration of domestic dogs busting a hunt it happened to me 2 years ago they spooked the doe and young buck in front of us and we didn't see another deer for the rest of that day very irritating

  37. Killed my first bow deer because of this channel

  38. Dont have such a loud bow

  39. Hey guys, it kind of sounded like your broadhead was loose. There was a rattle when you drew and during the arrow flight when the doe ducked the arrow.

  40. kristian stensoenes

    The Bow hunt simulator app has drop string estimat based on sound speed, distance and an estimated reaction time.
    Not too much research done on the topic, your footage really demonstrate the reaction time and impact it has.

  41. What type of rangefinder lanyard do you guys use?

  42. Chandler Summers

    I am the President of my FFA at North Jackson High School in Alabama and would love to learn more about your system that you use for food plots and how to develop the soil through no till drills

  43. May I ask what you guys do with the carcasses from your harvests? I would obviously think you dispose of them on your property somewhere but seems like that many carcasses would be like a food plot for predators.

    (Edit) Also, I got my first doe of the season last night!

  44. Spencer Thompson

    why doesn't Grant use a stabilizer on his bow?

  45. Matthew Jeffersom

    can you control weeds in clover without chemicals?

  46. How far do u aim for lower third 30 yards? 10 to 20 should be similar, and what does lower third actually mean?

  47. How would you hunt 6 acres of land

  48. super excited for these videos to be back !

  49. Sweet video! Love this channel

  50. Have been waiting for this video for months thanks growing deer tv and a nother great episode keep it up:)

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