Day 3: Oregon Premium Mule Deer Hunt

Day 3: Oregon Premium Mule Deer Hunt


Day 3 we start seeing some bucks! Jeff sets his sights on a buck. Is today the day?! Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!


  1. Cool old buck and good work guys. Enjoyed the video. However..that area doesn’t seem to “premium”?

  2. "He smacked him, but…………….I hit record so I shut the freaking camera off ……….. I had the shot on film you could see the vapor trail and everything. But it wasn't recording…. I'm sick to my stomach right now. I didn't get that on film. That sucks". Your partner just gut shot a beautiful mule deer and your concern is you didn't get it on film. Maybe you should focus on one or the other. Either hunting and the deer or filming. At this point you're good at neither. "660 yards and, your partner, "I'm just glad we found him.". Gut shot and dead after, you, "only 15 minutes". I wonder what it feels like to be be gut shot for 15 minutes. Probably not good. You were lucky to find him.

    Another disgusting video filmed my people who are both incompetent and not in the field to hunt but rather there to make a name for themselves as mighty hunters. You're there for the wrong reasons. Do live animals a favor and play elsewhere.

    I'm one of the 8 who at this point dislike this crap. And I've successfully harvested and to my dismay have wounded deer. But not like this. So I'm not anti-hunter by any means. But I do understand deer and other wildlife are not commercial products to be shown no respect and caused to needlessly suffer.

  3. Very nice!

  4. Addicted2antlers

    Dream hunt!

  5. have a few beers to clear your head for the afternoon hunt huh? wow guys, bad idea to do and even worse to broadcast it


    Hey, I know the feeling. I recently set my trail cam on an active cougar kill, but my thumb hit the lock button on the SD card as I pushed it into the slot of the camera. The cougar came back that night and fed some more on the deer carcass, but I got ZERO pictures. So, yes, it does suck!

  7. Good job. That’s great country. Too many cats is right. Looks like near Bakeoven?

  8. Frank Biggs SR

    Reminds of the days in the Steens, when you would see big Forkies in a 4 point only Unit. Bwana Bubba

  9. Old forkys like that are cool.

  10. i keept scrooling for the bow shot 😀 but that bull is good I think 😀 hope you had an awesome day 😀

  11. double check all record action 😉

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