Deer Hunting 2016

Deer Hunting 2016


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  1. He looks gay but nice deer

  2. Yes Wintergreen attracts deers

  3. That barp sounds like a deer call

  4. It does

  5. Youung Kenny

  6. The best thing that attracts deer is apples and the smell of wintergreen anything

  7. this is horrible this is why animals are going extinct

  8. Good job

  9. Do more hunting vlogs

  10. Your clothing needs to be scent free

  11. Vanilla

  12. No, animals dont like any mint smell. Thats how wild mint protects itself from being eaten.

  13. Do not kill animals fool

  14. Have you ever kidded a deer

  15. I’m sorry kenny but ur friend is a dumb ass for acting like he was gonna put the gun to his neck I’ve messed with guns my whole life and never played like that

  16. Deer dont like any kind of mint smell. The mint smell is what the plant uses to keep grazing animals from eating it.

  17. Where's your orange

  18. Every deer ive shot. Ive had a pinch if grizz winter green in my lip

  19. Rip headphone users at the end

  20. If ya ain’t got one in pack one in with me y’all yee yee

  21. Dip in My Lip Jawga Boyz

  22. billywells outdoors

    I used a mint on my deer

  23. Deer are colored blind

  24. It must be a bitch to take a piss with all those layers on

  25. Yeah big thanks to Copenhagen wintergreen camo cans it really helps

  26. nice buck i'm going deer hunting tomorrow its 2018 hopefully ill get one like that

  27. OMG My name is Gage too

  28. 00:5 neck tv lol I love i bro

  29. MidMo OutdoorsMen

    Damn nice buck! Plus not to bad of a video Kenny

  30. I’m almost positive the deer do like wintergreen cause the two years I was out with my dad he was dipping wintergreen and we saw idk 3 ish deer and other years he wasn’t dipping wintergreen he was dippin cope straight and we didn’t see anything really

  31. Next time don't kill small bucks

  32. Son muy estupidos

  33. Dennis Korneychuk

    1:23 lmfao

  34. Nice deer

  35. Yee Yee

  36. Ryan Smith Outdoors

    Helluva shot

  37. Yes, wintergreen does attract deer. It is what you call a curiosity scent. You can do the same with vanilla and any other natural scent that deer do not have in that area.

  38. I cracked up at 1:25

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