Deer Hunting and Deer Drives Last Day of Pa Gun Season 2018 – Bucks Misses & Filled Tags

Deer Hunting and Deer Drives Last Day of Pa Gun Season 2018 – Bucks Misses & Filled Tags


Whitetail Deer Hunt 2018. Gear Recommendations Here–
Follow John Royer as he films Luke Sweeney and John Nugent on the last day of the Pennsylvania Rifle season in Clarion County. Luke misses a nice buck first thing in the morning. Then Royer attempts some deer drives for John and Luke. Luke gets a nice doe with his custom built mauser action 30-06 in the pines. During the last hour of the hunt John fills his first tag of the season with his 760 gamemaster 30-06. Hard hunting, but now comes late season!


  1. Hey john do you have a feeder on the road

  2. No shot when the buck was standing perfectly still, but took a pot shot while it was running? Poor decision making at it's finest

  3. Cameron Blanton

    Deer driving shouldn’t be illegal in my opinion. Too many laws as is a lot of places. What should be illegal is dumbasses

  4. That 1960 Remington 760 has a replacement butt stock on the rifle.

  5. Put some oil in that Diesel.

  6. Nice job What part of pa y’all from

  7. Braden Fishnick

    You guys should do some shed hunting

  8. stop telling him to wait. The guy with the gun knows when to shoot :-/

  9. Nice hunt but tell the guy who missed the buck if you don't have a good shot do not take it

  10. Adam Hernandez

    that’s mediocre in KS. most hunters here would pass that up.

  11. You guys make some nice videos. Thanks. Keep it up. I’ll subscribe.

  12. I love your vids, but didn't like the shot at the running/jumping buck at the beginning from your friend.

  13. Not the way I deer hunt, but that's all good. It looks like you guys are having some fun, making some great memories and putting meat in the freezer. Fun video. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  14. Rookies

  15. Y'all are stupid as shit sorry.

  16. James Stephanus

    you guys need to watch were your muzzels are pointed

  17. what county is this?

  18. dablaug ntxim ntxub

    make sure these 2 friends of yours go to the range and practice shooting and make sure to make an ethical and humanely kill… if a deer needs another bullet put one in her, so she won't be suffering like the one your friend shot..i can still see and hear that doe was still struggling just as you said, '' nice '' you can hear her trying to get up and took her last kick… this is why peta always on us hunter's asses, cause hunters like your buddy here.

  19. Dude I would love to hunt with you one day

  20. Then wonders why he finds deer dead

  21. Gaffneydaniel92

    HaHa the Pittsburgh accent is insanely strong in Royer.

  22. Ah man! That 1st buck was a beauty! Good try on the meh, but I giggled because after he was stopped looking right at you, he wasn't stopping (been there done that myself 🙂 Looks like you guys had a good hunt – congrats!

  23. Thank you for not adding some ridiculous music to your video! The biggest mistake most hunting vids make is adding some silly heavy metal music to their vid at the highest volume.

  24. wow 70 deers got only 2

  25. Catman Outdoors

    Looks like a blast to hunt in the snow and pines. Good shootin

  26. Prairie Falcon

    You guys look like you really are having a great time with a whole lot of commradery. That is a real important part of hunting! I'd like to hunt with you guys. A great group of friends. Thanks for taking us all on your hunt. I really enjoyed it a lot!

  27. That miss was attributed to poor communication. I'd been a tad upset.

  28. that shirt tail should be coming off and hung on the camp wall with his name on it.  Next time he'll get ready and not figit so much lol

  29. Diamante Jones

    what camera did you use to film this video?

  30. Big Rig Outdoors

    Please do more of the traditional archery hunts

  31. Stanley Teprovich

    You snooze you loose

  32. Bunch of weenies

  33. Where is Old one shot one kill 30.06 mass murderer he needs to give lessons

  34. What a bunch of nimrods

  35. Crossbow Channel

    Yall need to check out John's bee keeping videos.
    Now that I've the land and barns,,I'm gonna give it a go this spring.

  36. Dont let people tell you whats a trophy deer and whats not ever deer is a gift a honor a trophy remember you cant eat horns bro. Just saying

  37. Used to have that same gun, things a cannon. 30-06

  38. Landon Matthews

    12:15 sounds like minecraft

  39. Great stuff!
    Hoping to see some trapping videos too.

  40. Kendall Anthony

    I was wondering if you have ever hunted with a savage model 99 in 243.

  41. Brandon Nichols

    Just out of curiosity. What County are you hunting in, and is that public or private land?

  42. I live in pa

  43. John, thanks for another video. I know these are a lot of time and work to film and edit.

  44. No shirt tail cutting ceremony! No tag sandwiches! Listening to those two guys must keep you in stitches.

  45. MidwestPatriot

    Do you guys worry about black bears at all?

  46. My family has a farm right out side of knox good luck in smoke poll season

  47. Great video, thanks for sharing with us

  48. Christopher Smith

    You are a good guy John. I'm not saying they they are bad guys…but definitely dont share your hunting discipline. Teach them your ways.

  49. Merry christmas PETA lol

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