Deer Hunting Shot Placement: See a Whitetail Deer's Heart, Lungs and Liver

Deer Hunting Shot Placement: See a Whitetail Deer's Heart, Lungs and Liver

35 Take a look at what a whitetail deer’s ribs, spine, heart, lungs and liver look like with this incredible video. Wisconsin taxidermist Brian Johnson removed the hide, muscles and sinew to reveal a deer’s internal organs, then used an air compressor attached to the trachea to inflate the lungs.

Johnson is the owner of Revolution Taxidermy Supply and has some awesome mounts. He uses this partial deer and inflates the lungs to dispel the myth of a “no zone” between the lungs and spine.


  1. How do they come up with the reommended poundage to kill deer cause looking at those ribs it look like any old sharp stick would do the trick. Not recommending anyone to try it lol.

  2. Celestial Paradox

    Very informative

  3. so the lesson here is to snipe deer with a .338 lapua from 1 mile away

  4. Shawn Bartley


  5. Fascinating!

  6. Trehan Creek Outdoors

    Interesting video. Learning more about the physical attributes of a whitetail deer will indeed make you a better, more successful hunter. Thanks for sharing the video.

  7. My theory. If the deer is at the end of his exhale "when lungs are smallest" there could be a dead zone.
    If the deer is at the top of his inhale "lungs are the largest" there couldn't possibly be a dead zone.
    This demo needs to be done with the carcass hanging as if the deer was standing. It'd be more accurate.

    There is no possible way the lungs go past the spine. If that was the case all those deer that jump the string would be dead. I hope I was hearing him wrong because his statement about the lungs going over the spine was just ridiculous.

  8. The Sauce Whisperer

    This guys is a vegan believe it or not

  9. stephanie christensensen

    My husband just shot a doe YAY

  10. I watched Amy cousin stick a doe and she ran under me pumping blood out just below her spine and I didn't shoot because I figured she was dead. Well we NEVER found her and a year later my other cousin killed. That doe and she had a Broadhead wound just below her spine on both sides. His observation is interesting but I don't believe it at all. I know for sure there is a dead spot.

  11. briargoatkilla

    I've shot a few deer high, but under the spine, got complete pass thrus with large diameter broad heads and never found them. I shot one again two weeks later from the same tree, and saw another on trail cam a month later. I've witnessed the same thing personally from several other hunters. There definitely is a spot or two high in the rib cage where an  arrow can slip through there without killing the deer.

  12. Beronica Hernandez

    it's was raw but he shot it with a arrow

  13. Beronica Hernandez

    My Tio Gabe he is a hunter and I got to see the flesh of a deer and the heart I holded the heart it was gross but he was a hunter

  14. sits low in front chest

  15. I just listened to where exactly where my dogs heart is ,put my ear next to his heart ,

  16. this is not true 100°/ lung thell me where the Hart liver kindys are at hu that's what I thought and the lungs go higher than the back bone how???

  17. paramedicineman89

    Headshots all the way .. Eliminates a chance of the deer running which causes lactic acid build-up altering the taste, and also leaves less suffering for the deer. Study all you want, BTHP through the cranium does the trick. Study up on ballistics and practice your marksmanship.

  18. Helpful info, thanks, as I'm trying to learn how to best swiftly euthanize a road hurt deer without a gun available.

  19. That is why an experienced hunter takes an apprentice hunter into the woods. When the seasoned hunter has shot their game and it is time to gut the animal, the senior hunter shows the novice exactly where all of the vitals are located as the game is gutted and cleaned. This basic lesson shows the newbie where to aim or target their animal when they are mature enough to handle the shot placement for themselves.

  20. I still disagree. I have hit 3 deer high below the spine that passed through both sides and it did not kill the deer. If I caught any lungs it would have been killed and recovered. And the buck I shot I found 2 months later. Fully recovered.

  21. Where can I get one of those three d targets he has off to the side? Good info in this video

  22. thelister4910

    So where do you shoot there deer? How do you give a lesson on anatomically correct shot placement complete with a mechanically actuated road killed animal on ice without telling us WHERE TO SHOOT IT?

  23. Carla Carroll

    the lungs look like pork chops yumm

  24. Lot of idiots in the feed. I appreciate the anatomy breakdown sorry these idiots don't understand that your trying to explain.

  25. Tristan Soerries

    if there's no dead zone then y did a deer that I shot with a shot gun right where everyone said that's where the dead zone is and I never found it

  26. "I have detailed files" – The Terminator

  27. what kinda weirdo brings a roadkill animal to a hunting expo to play scientist. SMH.

  28. he's talking utter shite. the lungs of ANY mammal categorically & anatomically DO NOT extend beyond the ribcage/spine. the pain this would cause the animal just by breathing would be cripplingly intense. the ribcage & to a lesser degree, spine exist to armour & protect the vitals. you can inflate the vitals of a dead deer as far as you like, til they pop, the dead animal cannot squeal & thrash to signal it's in pain. this yammering snake-oil peddling bullshit merchant should be shut down (or as far as I'm concerned, since he's encouraging poor shot placement & the resulting unnecessary animal suffering & torture, SHOT down).

  29. roughneck6103

    If there is no " dead zone" please explain why I sliced my hand open on a muzzy broad head that was that was sunk into a nice little 8 point that I had just shot with my rifle. Arrow was broken off flush with the hide and had started to heal. The broad head was almost touching the opposite ribs. The shot placement was a little high, but should have been a kill shot. I mean no disrespect but for the life of me I will never understand how that deer was living let alone healing.


  31. Lot's of misconceptions of thoracic anatomy in this thread. Like another poster, I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist with over 21 years of clinical experience. Let me settle a few of these. First one has to understand that the lungs will fill up the entire thoracic cavity on both full inspiration and full expiration. The differences in volume is not because the lungs get smaller INSIDE the rib cage, it's because the ribcage's internal volume gets smaller. The diaphragm moves towards the rear of the animal and the ribs swing towards the front, increasing the internal volume of the thorax. The lungs are "pneumatically sealed" into the ribcage. The lungs can seperate from the ribcage only when either air or a fluid is allowed entry into the space between the lung and ribs (pleural space). This will all be true with the animal in any position or orientation.

    Whenever you "double lung" a deer you're taking out both lungs hopefully. When you single lung a deer they can live longer bacause they still have some potential respiratory capacity in the undamaged lung. The reason some deer live even double lunged is that the lungs are pretty good at sealing themselves up and consist of several lobes. This means one lobe can be deflated and blood/the arrow/foreign matter can plug the airways between the lobes and allow the remaining part of that to have a least a minimal respiratory capacity.

  32. Why the people are so ignored We Hunters we kill for sexual pleasure NO we kill for meat Coze like some people here We choose are 95% real organic meat Not like some hormones, chemicals,additional chemicals So just thing before you tree huggers make any comments
    Thank you for the video

  33. If Mr. Brian Johnson is that dedicated perhaps he could arrange to have one of his cadavers "plastinated" like that ooky touring exhibit of dead Chinese dissidents.

  34. This doesn't prove anything……He is demonstrating on a carcass that is laying down.  The deer needs to be vertical so the organs sit properly in the way a deer would be standing, NOT laying down. If i see the demo done that way then I feel he has a case for his NO deadzone theory.  Also does a deers lungs inflate as big as he had it in the Demo.  What is the correct lung capacity and volume of a whitetail.  To me he has proved nothing!!!!!!!!! nice try…. 

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