Deer Hunting With Bow And Arrow- WARNING: Impact Shots.

Deer Hunting With Bow And Arrow- WARNING: Impact Shots.


Oct 24, 2011 NJ bow season, fall doe management.


  1. God punish you for this

  2. Good freaking shot !!!! R E S P E C T !!!!

  3. I cant believe you shot that fawn

  4. sicilient warkan

    Could you recover the deer after , or it disappeared in the bushes ?

  5. 射懷孕母鹿會遭天譴!

  6. Joseph Underwood

    Looks like it went through the scapula.

  7. Charlie Mancini-Tuffier

    I don’t mind hunting at all, but I would be able to look at the animal and end it’s life.

  8. Plane is fail missing

  9. How my god the deer so yelled how god

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  12. Don't kill

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  14. keko Urbisu de cabo

    Hay que ser un hijo de perra para asesinar a un ciervo, espero gringo maldito que te pudras en el infierno

  15. Just thking four most peapal and please tag me in may compte

  16. Jonny boy 420 blaze it

    Think about it this deer is food for there family that’s keeping them alive thanks deer

  17. maldito bastardo , ojala que mueras de cáncer en un acilo olvidado hijo de puta

  18. WOW!!! Amazing shot! I wanna learn how to do that! And I don’t know nothing about archery! I wanna learn because I wanna eat! I don’t even know how to field dress them! Lol
    Thank you for everything! I’m taking in everything! Amazing shot!

  19. Risomar Correia Da Silvia Correia

    Seu arco e flecha deveria ter mas libra pra frecha entra mas

  20. Bărbat sefu

  21. you killing creatures for fun s.o.b.

  22. ClashOfClansLegend 2

    The people in animal planet do not intervene with the predators hunting its prey because they need to survive as well. Imagine a hungry lioness trying to kill a deer to feed its starving cub. If the camera crew helped the deer, then the cute baby cub would die.

  23. interesting

  24. kill babes deer to?? not'good

  25. don't trust them new niggas over there 1234

    But I am going to be a superhero

  26. don't trust them new niggas over there 1234

    Jj naw I'm playing

  27. don't trust them new niggas over there 1234

    You are all going to meat y'all doom

  28. don't trust them new niggas over there 1234

    Ain't going to hunt no body

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