Duck Hunting 2018 – Thanksgiving Solo Swamp Hunt

Duck Hunting 2018 – Thanksgiving Solo Swamp Hunt


On this thanksgiving duck hunt I took the kayak out to a swamp spot in search of some November puddle ducks. The morning ended up being a bit of a weird one with quite a few wood ducks buzzing around at first light, two of which I was able to water swat after they landed in the decoys. I saw lots of mallards but wasn’t able to work many until about 8am which they just seemed to turn on and want in my spot. I missed a couple easy shots but was able to connect on a drake and hen mallard before the action slowed again. I came away with 4 birds on the day which I was happy with especially for kayak duck hunting. Popeye joined me again on this hunt as well!

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  1. Zeroed in with Zeke

    I missed a lot of birds last year. I took the scope off my pellet rifle and use it to shoot cans and clay targets thrown in the air.

  2. Invest in a kicks high flyer choke. Full or extra full. Pass by shots are easy money lol

  3. Also switch to a 3" shell with a full choke. It will change your life

  4. Anyone that will say they dont water swat are liars lol

  5. Great videos. Tip : why buy face paint when you can save a wine cork and burn it off and then darken your face with the charcoal. It will last longer than paint!

  6. Man that wood duck is a stud. I’m watchin from Knoxville Tennessee so I’m not to awful far from ya. Keep it up man

  7. 7:28 behind you lmao focus on the birds

  8. Now ! I see why you water swatting lol my little boy ask dad is he just learning to duck hunt. 😉

  9. It's OK I do it all the time


  11. pulled up ways too early on that single…he was prob gonna finish or atleast give you a batter shot if you had waited 3 seconds.

  12. Hey It would be boring if you Never Missed!
    Relax and let yourself enjoy your time hunting. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Great Video I Love the Kayak Hunts Thanks for Sharing Keep up the Good Work

  14. Sin City Outdoors

    Nice hunt

  15. I have missed a drake wood duck cupped up at 5 yards

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  17. Is that your own crap on your face?

  18. Hey do you get a floating blind license for your kayak? Looking at getting into duck hunting when I’m on break in a few weeks.

  19. Trap and skeet once a week every week it helps a lot

  20. Dont let the bad shooting get you down..Shit happens We all have those days

  21. You might be the worst shot tbh

  22. Can you make a kayak setup video?

  23. How much do they charge you to lease a blind?

  24. Don’t think that was mud you scooped of the ground;)

  25. 11:59 duck never got up

  26. Somewhere In Wisconsin

    Good hunt buddy. Your shooting will come around. It's still early. I think the biggest thing is to try not to think about your lead and aiming. Once you just start reacting and not thinking about it your shooting will get better. It's still early, so ya gotta knock the rust off a bit. Look forward to more of your hunts. My duck season ends next week and yours is just starting. Boo to that.

  27. Somewhere In Wisconsin

    I'm 2:54 in and you are already water swatting? WTH.
    I'm just kidding. I know how hard it is to see the birds once they get into the trees. Especially the wood ducks who dive bomb their landing spot.

  28. Shore Extreme Outdoors

    Nice hunt! Love shooting them green heads and woodies in the same hunt!

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