Duck Hunting: Best Mallard Hunt of the Year!

Duck Hunting: Best Mallard Hunt of the Year!


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This Duck Hunt took place on December 21st of 2018. On this waterfowl hunt the FDH team heads to a marsh in search of a limit of mallards. This ends up being out best mallard hunt of the 2018 duck season.

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  1. When you do it that way you dont need the high price ammo and chokes. Nice!

  2. Where is Dan

  3. Husband_Wife_OutdoorLife

    Loved this one guys! Great work.

  4. Serghei Reutchi

    throw off the link to the boat

  5. Serghei Reutchi

    beautiful hunt. Congratulations. what boats do you use? kayaks plastic or aluminum. Thank.

  6. Thomas Thorpe

    How do you guys keep that big of a stack of decoys from falling out of the sled? tied down by the anchor strings?

  7. Good work, keep it up. I will be out myself the 28th and 29th. I hunted the same two days you did with little or no wind. I struggled without the wind so you are doing well

  8. Eric Burkenbine

    What kind of camera and lens do you use?

  9. The Mound Blind

    yall, this is hunting. Awesome. If you get a moment head over to Facebook and view "The Mound Blind" or Twitter @themoundblind that will be coming in the spring of 2019! There are great blind on the market but this will be a game changer in the relm if hunting and im looking for feedback. Respectfully, Shawn!

  10. The ass-assassin… that made me laugh

  11. Andrew Pontious

    Can we get an update on Dan? As a fan of this channel I feel connected to you guys and what y'all do. Hope he's doing well and that god is with him and his family through what he is going through good or bad. My family and I appreciate everything y'all do because we are close in our hunting like you guys are. God bless and Merry Christmas to all of y'all at FDH.

  12. Awesome hunt! I see why we don’t have any mallards down south There all in KS!

  13. Brandon green

    Awesome hunt great decoying and shooting, nice spot the spots that you have to hike into like that are always the best I have a few of those spot and everytime it's great. Keep up the great videos. Merry Christmas

  14. Well y’all straight up smashed them , great video great hunt

  15. Virginia Outdoors Unlimited

    Dang those birds sure wanted in there bad! Great video Elliot, loved the beginning of the video and seeing the amount of work you put in to make sure your father can hunt. I can tell you first hand those kayaks aren't easy to drag and I'm 18, can't imagine doing it with a bad back. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  16. Its refreshing to be able to watch a duck hunting video where the guys take turns , can actually hit what they are shooting at, and have a nice relaxed hunt. I'm getting tired of the run and gun guys who have 10 "hunters" in an a-frame blind who all shoot 3 shots at flaring 50+ yd ducks, and whoop and hollar when they actually hit one. Your group took turns on the singles and doubles, shot very well (looks like nice close shots, which is what you want), and the dogs did the rest. I can't think of a more enjoyable type of hunt. Well done.

  17. Northern Tribe Outdoors

    Always great when it all comes together. Great hunt!

  18. Awesome!

  19. Did you guys think those were migrator or local mallards ?

  20. Not only are you mean to Aiden but now your mean to Jason too! Lol, I just thought that comment was hilarious. Great hunt!

  21. What a hunt! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Casey Minshew

    I wish fumbles would have hit you with the “yeah, well, I wiped your ass for 7 years so don’t think I’m sweating over you dragging a boat for me”

  23. Michael Billington

    Great to see the assassin back living up to his name. I think it should be given to you Elliott for the day though. 5 for 5! Smoking.

  24. That was well worth getting up early and watching. You guys are my heroes. I showed my grandaughter what I was watching and she asked if we could do that. Smiled and said "Yep" "lets watch these guys theyll show us how to do it right". Morning FDH viewing marathon. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas.

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