Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Big Buck Pennsylvania #2

Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Big Buck Pennsylvania #2


Deer Hunting 2011. John Royer hunts for a big whitetail buck in Clarion county Pa during the Flintlock Deer Season.


  1. Rookie Hunter.

  2. Why you like to film yourself so much the video is about hunting deer is not about damn you.

  3. At 42 seconds when you zoom in there is a deer looking at you.

  4. Mo Reese's Pieces

    What a great stalk. I enjoyed watching it. I am migrating to flintlock hunting but have not mastered it yet. Peace, Reese

  5. Another great video!

  6. Your a idiot why didn't you shoot that giant

  7. You like stalking deer… Yet you never talk about the wind when stalking deer…. If the wind is in their favor you cannot stalk whitetail deer.. Let me know about your professional ideals on this.

  8. I would be to scared to move. I'd be afraid to scare it.

  9. Nice work! I'll be up there tomorrow with my flintlock.

  10. leather wood boys really do good home work. it shows. any tigs on hunting thick. timber?

  11. nice gun

  12. Attack Of The Zach

    I have watched lots of your videos and i gotta ask… do you ever shoot bucks?

  13. man it's crazy how you can sneak up on these deer. In GA there is no way you could do that

  14. question about your flintlock i hunt the same way you do pretty much but how accurate are them cva flints and are they made to shoot roundball? thanks

  15. This video is Bulls^#&.

    Just ANOTHER example of walking through a private "hunting" preserve with pet deer that don't care they are GI Joe-ing towards them, and then let go because some cityslicker will pay big money to shoot later. There is no way these two deer would ever bed down in such an open desert and allow some guy with a tripod camera to pretend to sneak up on them like that. There's no way free ranging bucks of this age would just get up and saunter away in a state like Pennsylvania unless they were on private (fenced) land, and don't get shot at every other second.

    The reason there wasn't a shot taken was because this video is intended to brag, and shooting the deer would have cost $3000 to the owner of these beautiful PETS. Next time go to the zoo and show us the incredible Tigers lurking the Pennsylvania woods. Happy "hunting". Pfft!

  16. NYSoutherntierOutdoors

    Really peckcrai, your going to complain about him not putting on the video title that he doesn't shoot a big buck, the whole point of these videos is to show that deer hunting doesn't always go according to plan. If he always posted only kills and not there failures what's the point in watching them just kill things(which is fine). I actually think its a good idea because you learn about the deer on his property right along side him, and when the day comes that he actually may shoot a deer he has been trying to hunt all season its a little more cooler because you now know about a lot of the history Johnny has had hunting all these deer.

  17. waste of 9 min

  18. you talk to much!

  19. yes thats a big buck for pa. In Canada its colder and longer and the deer must get bigger to survive the winter. In Flordia deer are very small for the same reason

  20. less action and too much speech my friends

  21. hmm, i had a shot……

  22. This is real hunting, great stalk!

  23. Nice clear hd camera shots. My adrenalin was pumping too….Nice rifle.

  24. did anyone see the doe at 0:42

  25. Great video on a nice PA buck. Most people don't realize how tough you have it trying to hunt and get it on video at the same time. Good work, hope you get another crack at the nice buck.

  26. TheNormalOutdoorsman

    It just depends on where you live, how the deer management is, and the amount of pressure deer face.

  27. Every Video i watch of yours is the same Bullsh*t … Never a shot just you rambling about the deer you can't shoot,,, theres nothing wrong with the video… the problem is your title… Big buck ( thats walking)… be a little more specific in your titles please. thanks

  28. I'm sorry ockap00 wal Mary does sell deer meat and that pa deer population is maxed out why don't you stop being a hippe liberal and live with it

  29. That's a tough break man.

  30. Where at in Clarion county are you guys? Our property is about 2 minutes from the walmart off interstate 80.

  31. great video man

  32. i bet all your stuff is bigger and better than everyone elses right

  33. i got a nice one out of a Cedar field one year. 130lbs 18 points, came right up on me Shotgun. never seen another like that since.

  34. That so true. even in Canada, most guys can go an entire season without seeing one like this…

  35. So is that a huge buck to an american? Cause in canada that things on the small side

  36. Looks like Pennsylvania's management has paid off. Nice buck!

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