Florida Duck Hunting 2017/2018 with ShotKam

Florida Duck Hunting 2017/2018 with ShotKam


Duck hunting in the Everglades at STA1 and STA3/4.


  1. Varry good

  2. Are they stunt ducks?

  3. Dillan Eastabrook

    Some one needs to take the damn gun away from Jason Bourne over here

  4. В России уток уже не едят. Подкармливаем. Это интереснее!

  5. amazing video, so good quality

  6. You may be a great shot, but a lot of your shots were "gutless". You waited til the bird was almost on the water, and then shot it. Not a great 'sporting chance''.

  7. И половина – подранки!

  8. Whackin and stackin outdoors

    That was probably one of the coolest shot cam videos I have ever seen! Good video!

  9. Nice!

  10. postcardsfromheaven

    welcome to Florida where we eat the ducks we shoot ! flying south can be hazardous ! that is if your a duck ! great shooting !

  11. Muy lindo video … la música de las ardillas no ayuda …

  12. Nice video!

  13. Jim Mirenda Jr

    Greatest duck hunt video ever. Love the music and the double birds.Was this enhanced for muzzle flash in the low light? Shotkam is awesome.

  14. Nathan Goff Naples

    Swamp chicken killers

  15. Boa mira!atira muito. Esse abates é pra consumo próprio ou só para esportes? ?

  16. Hey asshole. Think you forgot the 7 ringers you left at your sta spot yesterday. And about 200 shells. Fucking douche bag

  17. Colorado Duck Hunter

    Love the footage on the shotkam…just way too expensive… great video though

  18. Love the scene at 1:40. Low light, only thing going for you is the reflection in the water, untill it climbs. Been there many times

  19. nebojsa stojiljkovic


  20. Золотое ружье

    Красиво ! (Nice video!)

  21. NWestern Outdoors

    why is this video amazing


    Great video, nice shooting!

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