Getting shot while turkey hunting..

Getting shot while turkey hunting..


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  1. That's why you wear an orange vest you fucking morons.

  2. Adolf shitler Bob

    Why the dude on the left look retarted

  3. Id go back and shoot that dipshit in the face!! Bury the body.go home.the end.

  4. [You Have been kicked From the match: Friendly Fire.]

  5. Bill Schaubel

    So here is what I dont understand,,,,,I saw your follow up video and if I am correct I thought you said you DID NOT call law enforcement on this guy? WHY NOT??? I see the fence line your sitting next to: are you on private land and he shot from the other side of the fence? Was he trespassing? He shot at NOTHING,,,you were not holding turkey decoys, you were not carrying a turkey on your back, you were sitting in full camo and he shot at your calls!!! By not having this guy brought to law enforcement attention or pressing charges you have placed the entire hunting community of this state open to being placed in harms way by this threat. He is irresponsible and should have been charged! What if this slob hunter does this again and this time actually does seriously injure or kill an innocent hunter! This guy is who gives ALL hunters a bad name!

  6. StreetMedic3598

    Did anyone see the turkey feathers the on the ground behind the guy who got shot in the buttocks?

  7. What really grinds my gears

    Where is their orange? I mean i kbow the guy shouldnt of shot without identifing what he is shooting at but im not taking the risk of getting shot

  8. Ragnar Lothbrok

    "Hey that turkey is wearing camo"
    Shoot at It

  9. greg cooke gregy

    I'll get that life insurance , just gonna take a little while longer.

  10. Travis Thacker

    Why would you have a Fan of Tail feathers behind you on your person while Turkey hunting?? It's just like the decoy on public land it's asking to get some pellets at some point by some fool who shoots at movement or look alike objects. You can't put your life in there hands and I don't trust some fool out there not to shoot me when they see a decoy in a field. Private land is different story but even then you got idiots.

  11. It looks like he had the turkey fan in his pocket or Beside him so that why he got shot

  12. Exactly why I dont hunt public land

  13. SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0


  14. Mikael Gibson

    What? All I see is guns being held up by a tree.

  15. Daniel Sandoval

    Thats funny asf that it was the dude making the noise that got shot. Sounds pretty real hahhaha.

  16. Johnny Appleseed

    "Spotted an enemy sniper
    south of your location"

  17. I was hoping to see his head exploding!

  18. That mask makes him look stupid.

  19. cherokee Hernandez

    Those fucking idiots deserve to die
    They didntnwear orange so no body could see they were hunters

  20. somethinghumble

    Cowards don't like it when they shoot back huh

  21. Jim Sagubigula

    Is he OK?

  22. Felix Peterson

    This is when you shoot back with some 7.62. Show him what real.bad luck looks like

  23. The hunter becomes the hunted

  24. Blaze Orange wrap around the tree, problem solved.

  25. That's why you wear orange because there's dumbasses that will shoot at anything that moves.

  26. Remember if you dont know if someone is in front or behind the animal, don't be a tard and shoot anyway.

  27. wish it was a headshot and killed ur useless fucking ass

  28. Ethan Caviness

    to turkey hunt you gotta know the turkey dress like a turkey live like a turkey eat like a turkey be a turkey gain their trust for months on end but realize you don’t want to kill the turkeys for they are your friends your family your life and live with the turkeys until you’ve grown old. That’s a real turkey hunter

  29. Ethan Caviness


  30. The tables have turned.

  31. Taste of your own medicine

  32. Their fault for not wearing orange

  33. Frost's Workshop

    I watched that at .25 speed. You can see his clothes ruffle from the shot. Yikes!

  34. I want to see videos of hunters getting shot in the face.

  35. Austin Givens

    They would have had no idea that shot wasn't intentional. I wouldn't have shot back, but I would've at least shouldered the gun in that direction instead of popping my head up and waving like they're playing airsoft. Dude got shot in the ass. The shooter is lucky they didn't immediately shoot back. Good thing they actually have good gun control unlike the idiot that shot at a bush. Bush did 9/11

  36. 2 things, 1: whoever shot was not that good, 2: You don’t shoot at only movement

  37. wasted

  38. Dylan is chillin

    If you listen closely you can hear childish gambino say “This is America”

  39. Joseph Anderson

    Why would someone shoot a bush

  40. Arwen Rossano

    This is hilarious the hunters being the Hunted classic

  41. What's really funny is the guy grabs at his left leg and looks at his first buddy to his left like why did u shot me dude, then he takes of for the right side. Who I h side was he shot on?????? OR IS.IT.JUST.A.SETUP

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