*NEW* HUNTING RIFLE GAMEPLAY In Fortnite: Battle Royale

*NEW* HUNTING RIFLE GAMEPLAY In Fortnite: Battle Royale


Welcome to the NEW update for Fortnite Battle Royale – Hunting Rifle Gameplay!
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  1. Wolfish Mass5655

    Hahaha 6 33 storm count purple

  2. Isn’t oriental not the proper word to use when your talking about Asia

  3. R.I.P moisty mire

  4. Play season 9

  5. fatpiggy Stock

    Sup with load out

  6. Can I Get A Peely

    3:10 pick up the pump!!

  7. ItsFunkyTime7

    i just got the notification for this

  8. Anyone noticed the old reload?

  9. Elisabeth A. Dalsaune


  10. Fernando Varona

    True muselk

  11. George Mcgonigle

    Lachy at 4:25 “ yeahhhhh “

  12. Dominic Girling

    Rip dusty depot

  13. S9 people out here getting pissed at him not sorting his inventory

  14. Charles Dierkes

    3:25 his loadout is VERY organized wink

  15. i'm still mad that I still don't know what the song is at the start

  16. Old Lachlan i love it

  17. Only80s kids remember miosty mire

  18. Nostalgia

  19. Caroline Carter

    RIP purple tac

  20. Kai Sell-Mitchell

    comment if you would take a green burst over a blue ar

  21. Nikki Strahan

    Season 9 is cool but I’m watching season 3 vids

  22. Your aims just a** that’s why your not good

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