Smash Ultimate Tournament – Guy (Incineroar, Duck Hunt) Vs. Lomo (Pichu, Daisy) The Grind 57 SSBU

Smash Ultimate Tournament – Guy (Incineroar, Duck Hunt) Vs. Lomo (Pichu, Daisy) The Grind 57 SSBU


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  2. The dedication to being CatDog in both name and characters is very respectable

  3. Is incineroar TrAsH?

  4. I didn't know duck hunt was good like that. That been said he looks tricky to use

  5. Demetri Resendiz

    Nice to see another DuckHunt main out here.

  6. oh yeah

  7. CATDOG really finished up the look with a "The Lick" hoodie


  9. i dont think these guys kno how good pikchu's down samsh is.

  10. Fuck these announcers dude they don't give a shit about us casuals. That's bad sportsmanship, you are supposed to support all kinds of players, even the cats and dogs. I hate the spectator's shitty attitudes toward players who don't try hard every game


  12. Lol

  13. He's my new favorite and you can't have him!!!

  14. Guy is the best

  15. You all know which commentator im talking about, when i say that guy was the most passive and uninteresting one I've heard in a while.
    The other one pretty much had to keep the pace of their commentary from drowning everytime that dude trailed off.

  16. Duck Hunt mains are so hard to watch but like pichu just kept dodging those projectiles really well

  17. The original troll

  18. I've been a Snake main since brawl and since the day smash ultimate came out, but I mained duck hunt in 4 after watching this I really want to pick him back up.

  19. I hate playing these 2 in quick play.


  21. No, money.

  22. Benoît catiga-xavier

    Why didn't the can move at 14:06 ??

  23. Natsu Drachenkind

    haha nice lick shirt

  24. I wonder if incineroar conditions favourably into the switch to duck hunt

  25. why do so many of these recordings have such shit quality?

  26. Fun fact: "Lomo" is a term used to describe cow meat in El Salvador, the same way we use the word "Beef" in USA

  27. Confused Captain

    Why were the commentators judging him so hard for being an incineroar main? Like let the man play what he wants

  28. I LOVE WARIOWARE it is my FAVORITE stage

  29. So this is what duck hunt is capable of

  30. 12 dmg tunips wtf

  31. Just last week incineroar was considered top tier…

  32. I thought honestly the first 30 sec were button check

  33. duckhunt confirmed new meta

  34. I am so sick of seeing Peach/Daisy used in EVERY Match. So annoying!!!!

  35. That duck hunt was super fun to watch

  36. the smash community desperately needs better commentators …

  37. Duck hunt dog with that yawn power

  38. Duck hunt is my main

  39. Why the fuck are they jumping so much. Just fight for fucks sake

  40. CTBG_PolarFlare913

    I still hate duck hunt(aka. Pile of trash)

  41. Man, those cans can turn a game into a trench warfare, getting all defensive behind it to discourage offensive plays

  42. What do you mean no reason? Inceneroar is a luchadore: EVERYTHING is a reason to taunt. The character's goofy as hell but fun to watch. 🙂

  43. Big fan of the Duck Hunt usage and of the more vocal commentator 😉

  44. He plays both Incin and Duck bc his name is CATDOG.

  45. he played incineroar because his name was cat dog,

    he played a cat then a dog

  46. Clay pidgeons

  47. Hi. (Sorry for my bad icelandic)

  48. newbie commentator lol good set

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